Back in the 1960's an Austrian folkband was awarded last place in a big folk competition . . . . . . . why? . . . . . . . just because they played too much Country Music. Their name? The Oomphta Oomphta Mushroom Gang, with Carl Kaye singing and playing the banjo and the guitar. Since the folk scene seemed not to appreciate their music, they changed their name to "Carl Kaye and the City Boys", with Carl on the lapsteel guitar, and played what passed for County back then, having found a musical "father" in the late Conny Doeren, who had been singing Country Music in Austria ever since the first American soldiers set their foot in Vienna back in the forties. When Country began to become more popular in the seventies, Carl Kaye and his "Country Casanovas" were the first Austrian Country band to play at an international festival in Europe, the TROS Country Show in Utrecht, Holland in 1977. Another first was in 1984, when Carl Kaye and his "Western Union Band" were the first Austrian Country band to participate in the International Country Music Masters in deEfteling, Holland. As a stylistic alternative to the WUB, Carl Kaye's "Route Sixty-Six" started out as a pure Western Swing band in the early eighties, but underwent several stylistic changes over the next fifteen years, due to popular demand, respectively changing musicians. In 1998 "Route Sixty-Six" made their comeback to their roots with their widely acclaimed live album "A Tribute To Bob Wills", which was a recording of their Western Swing tour with guest musician Herb Remington playing the steelguitar! It was then that they decided to play in two formations from then on, their "regular" formation, still playing all the music you can hear along Route 66, as long as it's Country, and their extended 9-piece Western Swing formation, playing exclusively Western Swing.
Mushroom Gang (1960s)
f.l.t.r: Raoul Turkof, Hanns Christian Strouhal, Carl Kaye, Peter Düll
Günther Schifter
& Conny Doeren
Carl Kaye Country Sweethearts
f.l.t.r: Chrissie Fuchs, Sissy Maurer, Dorli, Judith Lattenmayer
City Boys (1970s)
f.l.t.r: Michael Beinl, Ossi Schwarz, Peter Rausch,
Carl Kaye (standing), Hannes Metzenhofer,
Robert Tiefenböck
Country Casanovas
at TROS Country Show
(Utrecht, Holland) 1977
f.l.t.r: Carl Kaye, Nino Holm,
Andi Cichini, Christian Rabitsch

Western Union Band (1980-82)
f.l.t.r.: Ulli Baer, Paul Fields, Carl Kaye
Frank Mantooth, Hannes Neubauer,
Erich Gerdenits

WUB (1982-83)
f.l.t.r.: Hans Fürst, Erich Gerdenits,
Werner Miteregger (kneeling),
Carl Kaye, Helmut Miteregger

WUB (1983-89)
f.l.t.r.: Carl Kaye, Erich Gerdenits,
Hocky Hochedlinger,
Paul Fields, Hans Fürst

R66 (1990-92)
f.l.t.r.: Susi Plattner, Carl Kaye
Hannes Otahal, Philipp Schüller
Paul Fields, Erich Zinner
Gerhard Strauhs

R66 (1997-99)
f.l.t.r.: Katarina Mitteregger
Helmut Mitteregger,Carl Kaye,
Philipp Schüller, Hannes Neubauer

R66 (2002-2004)
front to back: Carl Kaye, Werner Karall, Thierry Massoubre, Hannes Otahal, Markus Fahrenberger, Wolfgang Fellinger

R66 (2004-2008)
f.l.t.r.: Hannes Otahal, Katie Kern, Christian Rabitsch (back), Carl Kaye, Werner Karall, Markus Fahrenberger
Oomphta Oomphta Mushroom Gang:
Carl Kaye: vocals, banjo, guitar (==> Route 66)
Hanns Strouhal: vocals, guitar
Peter Düll: vocals, guitar (==> Radio CD)
Raoul Turkof: vocals, bass

City Boys:
Carl Kaye: vocals, lapsteel (==> R66)
Hans Metzenhofer: vocals, guitar
Ossi Schwarz: vocals, accordion, trumpet
Michael Beinl: clarinet
Wolfgang Heimerl: fiddle
Robert Tiefenböck: bass
Peter Rausch: drums

And over the years also:
Martin Bossert: trumpet
Anton Jagitsch: saxophone (==> Swing Time Big Band )
Chrissie, Judy, Liz & Dorly, the "Country Sweethearts"
Outi & Elisa
Edith "The Rib"
Esther Hecht
Karin "Mecki" Faber

Country Casanovas:
Carl Kaye: vocals, pedalsteelguitar (==> R66)
Nino Holm: vocals, fiddle, guitar, piano (==> EAV)
Paul Laviolette: vocals, guitar
Andi Cichini: vocals, bass
Christian Rabitsch: vocals, drums

And also occasionally:
Harry Pierron: piano (==> Ostbahn Kurti)
Tom Telepak: vocals, guitar
Eric Marlyn: vocals, guitar

Western Union Band:
Carl Kaye: vocals, pedalsteelguitar (==> R66)
Ulli Baer: vocals, guitar (==> Ulli Baer)
Miki Liebermann: vocals, guitar (==> Ostbahn Kurti)
Hannes Neubauer: vocals, bass (==> Nugget, Eurograss, R66)
Erich Gerdenits: vocals, drums
Paul Fields: fiddle (==> R66, Paul Fields)

And over the years:
Josef "Hocky" Hochedlinger: vocals, guitar (==> Hocky)
Michael Scheickl: vocals, bass (==> Michael Scheickl)
Helmut Mitteregger: vocals, guitar (==> Nugget, R66)
Werner Mitteregger: banjo (==> Nugget)
Hans Fürst: vocals, bass (==> R66)

Route Sixty-Six:
Carl Kaye: vocals, pedalsteelguitar, accordion
Jessy: vocals
Werner Karall: vocals, bass (==> Bruji)
Steve Criss: vocals, guitar
Markus Fahrenberger: fiddle, (==> Fatmagic)
Zipflo Weinrich: fiddle
Christian Rabitsch: drums
Ronnie Frauenhofer: drums
Erich Gerdenits: drums

Additional Western Swing musicians:
Zipflo Weinrich: fiddle
Hans Zinkl: guitar
Helmut Mitteregger: mandolin

Thanks to all of you, who helped us sound great over the years:
Philip Schüller: drums
Hannes Neubauer: vocals, bass (==> Nugget, WUB, Eurograss)
Helmut Mitteregger: vocals, mandolin, guitar (==> Nugget, WUB)
Katarina Mitteregger: vocals, guitar (==> Nugget)
Paul Fields: fiddle (==> WUB, Paul Fields)
Claude Manac'h: guitar
Christian Eigner: drums
Gerhard Strauhs: vocals, bass (==> Mojo Bluesband, Kentucky Calling)
Susanne Plattner: vocals (==> Kentucky Calling)
Erich Zinner: guitar (==> Kentucky Calling)
Betty Martin: vocals, guitar
Peter Strutzenberger: bass (==> Nugget, Peter Strutzenberger)
Gerhard Tauber: bass
Wolfgang Wehner: drums (==> Jazz Gitti)
Wolfgang Schanik: fiddle, guitar
Wolfgang Fellinger: drums
Katie Kern: e-guitar, vocals
Sabine Pyrker: drums

WUB Stadthalle Wien:
f.l.t.r.: Erich Gerdenits, Carl Kaye
Miki Liebermann, Hannes Neubauer,
Ulli Baer

WUB at Euromasters, Holland

f.l.t.r.: Claude Manac'h,
Wolfgang Wehner, Otto Amon,
Miki Liebermann, Carl Kaye,
Paul Fields, Hannes Otahal

R66 (1992-94)
f.l.t.r.: Hannes Otahal, Paul Fields,
Philipp Schüller (hidden), Carl Kaye,
Betty Martin, Peter Strutzenberger,
Erich Zinner

R66 (1999-2002)
f.l.t.r.: Andi Abraham
Wolfgang Schanik,Carl Kaye, Wolfgang Wehner
kneeling:Werner Karall. Hannes Otahal

R66 at the Mr. Banjo Festival in Barcelona, Spain (2005)
f.l.t.r.: Thierry Massoubre, Katie Kern, Sabine Pyrker (back), Clarissa Kaye, Carl Kaye, Werner Karall, Markus Fahrenberger

R66 at the ACWDA convention (2009)
f.l.t.r.: Steve Criss, Werner Karall, Thierry Massoubre, Christian Rabitsch, Jessy, Carl Kaye

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