Recording: 24 tracks Harddiscrecorder (Adat)
24 tracks ADAT
Unlimited tracks Cubase / Emagic Logic
Console: Mackie 32/16, mix automation
Reverb: Lexicon
Mixing + Mastering: ProTools, Steinberg Mastering Suite, WavLab,...
on CD or DAT

Special offer for Country Bands:

Name any additional instrument you want on your CD,
we will get you the best musicians to record for you!
(pedalsteel, lapsteel, dobro, lead-guitar, acoustic guitar,
mandolin, banjo, fiddle, harp, accordion, harmony vocals)

Band enforcement:

Tell us the date, and we will provide you with the musician
you need !

Studio Musicians:

Our affiliated musicians will of course also be happy to
record for you in any studio of your choice !

Contact & Information:

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