Where exactly Carl Kaye comes from still remains a riddle to the Country Music community.
There are those who find similarities to an escaped convict from Folsom Prison, who is alleged to have fled to Austria, others deem to recognize his features in the picture of a gold digger who made his living on the Yukon River, was forced to leave when he found no more gold, and tried to make his living as a musician, and still others swear his granddaddy fought at the OK Corral, escaped - after receiving several bullet wounds - having picked up quite a lot of lead, learned to play the guitar (which, due to his infirmities, brought him the nick-name "lead-guitar Kaye"
['led] ) and finally fathered an illegitimate great-grandson, who took up playing the steel guitar (a later developed misnomer of the original term "lead-guitar" ['led] , which itself later was mispronounced ['li:d] and thus considered today to have derived from the verb "to lead" ['li:d] instead of its true origin, the noun "lead" ['led] (the metal)).
Anyway, whatever his roots may be, the first time he was seen in Austria was in the late 1960's, when he tried (unsuccessfully) to overthrow the leading music regime, and establish Country Music as the predominant form. Ever since, he has been found playing his steel guitar with various bands, as well as doing studio work and live backup for Austrian and international artists like Ostbahn Kurti, STS, Horst Chmela, Roland Neuwirth, Heli Deinbeck, Ulli Baer, Patsy Montana, Rose Maddox, Bob Everhart, Byron Berline, Narvel Felts, Charlie Mc Coy, Stonewall Jackson, Norma Jean, George Hamilton IV, Tommy Cash, Kinky Friedman,....... Since he is also a trained Callerlab Squaredance caller, he additionally works as caller for clubs, festivals, parties, etc., still trying (in vain) to replace the Austrian preference of waltzes, 3/4, and circles with the more orderly form of squares. To further promote the country music scene in Austria, he has established his own recording studio (Hilltop Studio), where he gladly helps other bands and artists record their music.


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