- Get Route Sixty-Six, to hear the music you can hear
when you drive along Route 66 from Chicago to Los
Angeles, as long as it's Country:
Modern Country, Traditionals, Rock, Western Swing,
Boogie, Tex Mex, Cajun, Bluegrass,

- Or get the extended formation (9 musicians) to hear
exclusively Western Swing, the music of Bob Wills!

- Or get Carl Kaye (and one or two of the guys) to play
for you unplugged.

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Get Carl Kaye to call at your squaredance event!
He calls according to the standards of CALLERLAB,
and will do clubs, classes, evenings,
Or get Route Sixty-Six to play, and Carl Kaye to do
dances with the audience, as special attraction!

Contact & Information:

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